There are innumerous types of network attacks, that feeds on the vulnerabilities present inside a network. In this article we will take a look at few of those and how we might prevent it and how to monitor the network.

Most Common Types of Attacks:

Active Attack:

In active attack, the attacker infiltrates the network and causes…

Network Security Threats:

Threats can occur in a network in any way possible. From known vulnerabilities to basic human errors. Here are a list of most common Network Security Threats:

  1. Compromise with Intellectual Property
  2. Deliberate Software Attacks
  3. Espionage or trace pass
  4. Natural cause or disaster
  5. Human Errors
  6. Missing, Inadequate or Incomplete Security Controls

The assurance of security is a major concern and means to enforce that into an organization or individual system is known as Security Enforcement.

Organizational Security Enforcement:

  1. BYOD[Bring Your Own Device]: Many organizations approve BYOD to reduce infrastructure costs. But it is a major security hazard. A proper log should be maintained as…

As we all know there are innumerous number of cyber attacks and cyber attacks costs billions of dollars of losses annually around the globe. So, obviously people cant just sit around and watch these attacks take place, here comes the concept of defense mechanisms. A defense wall is set up…

In day to day life the cyber space is attacked innumerable number of times. In this article we will take a look at all the types of cyber attacks.

Phishing Attack:

In this type of attack, a website is cloned by the hacker and the URL is shared with the victim. The…

We know the security needed to prevent the exploitation of vulnerability in a cyber space is know as Cyber Security. In this article we will talk about all the principles and mechanisms that ensures this security.

Security Principles

CIA Triad

This is one of the most important topic when it comes to principles of…

Introduction to the mysterious world of Cyberspace

Cyber Space:

The notional environment in which communication over computer network occurs is known as cyberspace.

Cyber Attack:

Attack on cyberspace is known as cyber attack. We should remember anything that is online is hackable. Thus cyberspace is also susceptible to attacks. …

What is Computer Network?

A computer network is a system in which multiple computers are interconnected to each other to share information and resources.

A Diagram of the network server infrastructure
Network Server Infrastructure

Components of Network

1. Network Cables(Transmission Media)

2. NIC(Network Interface Card)

3. Hubs

4. Switches

5. Router

6. Servers

7. Client

OSI Model

Open System Interconnection Model(OSI) is a conceptual reference model to characterize and…

Arka Ghosh CS

I am a B.Sc Computer science Student and an aspiring researcher. My research interests include Cyber Security, Information security and Cryptography.

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